Making progress on Marvin’s Room in Hollywood

Doors installed. Interior and Rooftop next.

Fun facts: Marvin Gaye spent ALOT of time in the far right room with the etched glass/logo doors. Inside is a lounge area with a bar on the left side.

#Drake wrote and recorded ‘Marvin’s Room’ from his Take Care album here. One of his recording plaques is hanging in the recording room. The recorded phone call in the beginning of the song was him trying to hook up with a woman but she turned him down cuz she had a good man. Basically the theme of the song. He was drinking at the restaurant across the street 😂

The owner runs Michael Jackson’s Estate and was the one who established Janet Jackson’s fame. The studio waiting room has a GIANT painting of everything Michael Jackson on it.

I feel honored to be apart of this project, my art being in this presence, the people who will see it and my name written on plaques on each door.


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