About Lyndsey

Intuitive Abstract Expressionist Artist

A Few Words From the Artist

“The best way to express and free myself without movement is to paint, the canvas absorbs my emotions. It’s my freedom in stability.”

Where it all started

Lyndsey Sky is a Canadian born artist with an international presence. Her love of art started young and encompassed many facets. Beginning her career working as an abstract expressionist painter, Lyndsey has evolved her practice from hosting boutique events to creating custom commercial works of art.

Residing in Kelowna BC, Lyndsey’s love of the art scene is focused on showcasing her work and collaborating with other artists both locally and internationally.
exploring inspiration where ever it might find her

She is at her most creative and authentic self sitting in front of a blank canvas with a brush steady in her hands.

Lyndsey can be found painting with mixed mediums from acrylic to spray paint, discovering inspiration where ever it might find her. Although many painting styles appeal to Lyndsey, she prefers the freedom of abstract art to express her emotions and enjoys her audiences’ interpretation of each piece she creates.

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